We're all going to live in the future, so let's get started now.

QCY started with a vision, a vision to take acoustic experience to a level never touched before. Our founders wanted to make an impact and give wings to their dreams and passion. So, they set sail in an unknown voyage with a thought and dream. Today, QCY isn't a metaphor anymore, it's a dream come true and a personification of the Future of Technology. We, at QCY, know the value of passion and thus, with our range of consumer electronics products, we are here to support you and give wings to your passionate self. We want to wide open the Future for You just as We are Open to the Future.


The Best in Everything

Our team of expert engineers and designers believe in excellence; excellence that is spotless. Our definition of excellence does not only mean high-quality products, it also is an ensemble of care, value, expertise, comfort, and the feeling of being at home. For us, excellence is all about giving you the best audio experience of your life. An experience that snuggles and fits in your ear and makes you feel the minor beats that nature makes; that is excellence for us. We bring the perfect blend of lifestyle and technology to you because We Are, What You Are!


Creating The Value You Seek

With our own factory setup, there is always a good standard of quality check. In our inhouse manufacturing plant we can adjust whenever necessary to maximize quality and quantity. Our efficient team of Engineers, Technicians and Quality Assurance experts work together to maintain great product standards and manufacturing ecosystem. Dongguan Hele Electronics Co., Ltd has 3000+ stores situated all over the world that cater to a wide consumer base of more than 4 million users from 100+ countries globally. Find QCY Sellers Near You.


Futuristic Gadgets

Our goal is to offer the best of technology for the “All Rounder in You.” We at QCY designs all our gadgets keeping in mind the needs and desires of the coming generation and today’s youth. We place great importance on quality and comfort and our designs are perfect for all modern needs Our goal is to offer you the latest technologies and premium quality devices that anyone can put to use in daily lives. QCY is the best choice for futuristic gadgets that have managed to make heads turn. Even if you are not a gadget person, you will not be disappointed, as there is always something for everyone on the list. Check out some of the futuristic gadgets on QCY.


Great Quality With Stylish Ergonomic Design!

Do you value quality and great experience? If yes, then QCY is the best choice for all your gadget needs. In today’s fast-paced world, we live a life that’s On The Go. At QCY, we are constantly researching, innovating and experimenting to develop high quality consumer electronics products that add value to your life. As we introduce you to our tech savvy collection of wireless earphones, Wireless headphones and state of the art Smart Wearables. We welcome you to a premium experience of “the future of audio technology.” QCY Group’s products and accessories utilise the best of technology and design innovation to create an aesthetically pleasing and premium quality audio experience at an affordable price. All QCY electronics products go through a rigorous process of quality assurance and quality control to ensure that only the best reaches you.